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Talk to the Tail – Tom Cox: A Review

January 12, 2014

Talk to the Tail Tom Cox

Those of you who read this will know that I really enjoy Tom Cox’s writing and sense of humour. Whether it’s his blog, Under The Paw, his Twitter accounts for The Bear and for Ralph, or one of his books, like Talk to the Tail, this man and his feline escapades never cease to entertain me.

Talk to the Tail, however, really does go beyond “adventures in cat ownership”. As well as questions around The Bear’s wanderlust and Janet’s inexplicable fondness for hunting ancient food wrappers, contained within the pages of Talk to the Tail we have (in no particular order), horse riding, countryside walks, an alter-doggo, taxidermy, divorce (which made me very sad, I have to say), a trip to Africa, and a hand in a tiger’s mouth. Some reviews I’ve browsed have been critical of the variety of topics Cox covers that mean there’s less of The Bear and co in Talk to the Tail, but I don’t think the variety is detrimental; in fact, it shows that Cox has all that much more in his life to draw from in his writing, and more than that, to draw humour from.

I sometimes wish I could see the world through Tom Cox’s eyes. The way he’s able to look not only on his cats but pretty much on his whole life, find unique characters, and tell their stories in a way that is not just engaging but actually laugh out loud funny is a rare talent, and not one I’m sure can be taught. I’m so glad I have The Good, The Bad and the Furry lined up on my shelf. Here’s to hoping that the picture of that hunk The Bear dominating the cover is a sign that there are plenty of feline escapades inside.

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