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An Artsy Sunday Afternoon

September 2, 2013

I’ve never reviewed a product before, but as creating sock creatures definitely falls under the bracket of “Artsy”, I figured it fit in quite nicely here.

On Saturday, I bought this from the ZSL London Zoo gift shop:



In case you’re wondering, that’s a Sock Creatures Sock Elephant kit. In a nutshell, I found it an absolute delight. I put my elephant together over the course of a Sunday afternoon and evening, although had I not stopped to go and drink Pimms with friends for a few hours, I probably could have finished my elephant in an hour or two.

The kit is perfect; you have absolutely everything you need to make a beautiful elephant and still have some bits left over to make more. The pattern and instructions are completely self-explanatory – easy to follow and really easy to work with. The sweets and “heart charm” are a lovely touch. I have to say I haven’t filled in the birth certificate though – I’m a bit too much of a grown up for that.

On an “easiness” scale of 1-10 where 1 is really easy and 10 is impossibly hard, I’d put the elephant at about a 6. There are bits that are fiddly, like stuffing the elephant through quite a small hole or turning the tail, which wasn’t even as wide as my finger, right side out. It was a challenge, for sure, but it wasn’t like knitting (where I do a couple of rows, then drop a stitch and throw the whole thing at the wall). The guidance that under 12s will probably need some help is spot on.

One thing that I wish had been included in the kit, or at least recommended that you use, is pins, though. Trying to hold the pattern still on the sock while sewing a running stitch around the edge is remarkably tricky. My elephant ended up with a slightly unorthodox shaped head as a result of my inability to hold the pattern still. If I’d thought to use pins to hold it still, or had been given some in the kit, then his head would have been perfect. Also, it’d be helpful if they advised you to use quite tight stitching. I had to go over mine a couple of times to fill in gaps where once stuffed, holes in the seams showed through. I suppose that’s my own lazy sewing though.

Overall, though, my elephant was a joy to put together. I’m already planning to go out and buy more socks, stuffing and felt so that I can make sock elephants for everyone I know. Here’s the finished product, just so you can all see that I didn’t make a complete hash of it:

sock elephant

Sock creatures can be bought all over the place. A lot of shops stock some of the range (John Lewis, various craft shops, etc.) but if you want to pick from the full selection, you’re best going direct to Next on my list is definitely the socktopus.

Happy Artsying!

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