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Love Lust Faith + Dreams – 30 Seconds to Mars

July 6, 2013


After This Is War, I won’t lie, I thought I was done with 30 Seconds To Mars. This Is War was an appalling album. There was one track that was alright, but I got bored of it pretty quickly and haven’t listened to it since. But then, a couple of weeks ago, I heard “Up In The Air” playing in HMV, and it sounded much more like the 30 Seconds To Mars that I loved, the one that produced songs like “From Yesterday” and “The Kill”.

So “Up In The Air” is an obvious highlight of Love Lust Faith + Dreams for me. Jared Leto’s voice has a lovely gritty quality in places and the lyrics aren’t as bizarre as some other tracks on the album. Plus, it really caught my attention on first listen and that doesn’t happen very often. I also really like “End Of All Days” – it’s a much softer track instrumentally, which leaves Leto’s voice nice and raw over the top. It doesn’t ramp up quite how you expect, which is disappointing, but overall it’s a decent track.

In terms of weak tracks, “City of Angels” is up there. Following on from “Up In The Air”, it’s particularly bad by comparison. The lyrics are a disjointed list of descriptions of various scenes and images, and it just switched me off. The quirkily named “Pyres of Varanasi” is a very strange, very bad song, too. It sounds like a movie sound track for an action film set in the Middle East. Very, very odd.

That leaves quite a lot in between the listenably good and the downright bad that you could argue is “average”; listenable but not brilliant. Which as it happens isn’t a bad way to sum up the album as a whole – listenable, but not by any stretch brilliant. It is for nostalgia’s sake that I gave 30STM and Love Lust Faith + Dreams another chance, and I don’t regret it, but 30STM are not the same band as the one that produced songs I still love despite their age, and I’ll be more cautious before offering them a chance again. The way they’ve developed as a band and the way my tastes have evolved just don’t match up. I guess sometimes, you just grow apart…

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