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Funeral For a Friend Are BACK!

November 12, 2012

Not that they ever really went anywhere, or so it seems. Despite their appearances at both the Northern and Southern legs of Slam Dunk Festival earlier this year and their inclusion in the line up for the UK Warped Tour just a couple of days ago, Funeral For a Friend have actually been using 2012 to work on their 6th studio album, “Conduit”, which is set for release in the UK on 28th January 2013 (watch this space for the review!) and early in February 2013 in the US.

This is a tune that reminds me why I’ve loved Funeral For A Friend ever since I was a baggy jeans and tight vest top wearing teenage goth. I wasn’t a huge fan of “Welcome Home Armageddon”, if I’m honest, but ‘Best Friends And Hospital Beds’ is a return to the Funeral that I love best – the band that created such anthemic tracks as ‘History’, ‘Maybe I Am’ and ‘Escape Artists Never Die’. Funeral haven’t been without their drama over the years, having seen a couple of changes in line-up, but it seems that all that is done with, at least for now, and if ‘Best Friends and Hospital Beds’ is anything to go by, “Conduit” will be a cracking album.

Funeral For a Friend will also be touring to accompany the release of “Conduit” in the UK during January and February 2013. Check out the below poster for dates and venues:

You can buy ‘Best Friends and Hospital Beds’ on iTunes here

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