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Lower Lands release video for “Socialise with Closed Eyes”

November 5, 2012

I Am Mighty Records signing Lower Lands have recently released the video for their new single “Socialise with Closed Eyes”. The video is, as the band say themselves, “kind of our take on the whole reservoir dogs thing” and centres around the theme of a friend who has stopped really being a friend by never making an effort and being too wrapped up in their own life to think what might be going on with their friends. We all know someone like that, but would you ever challenge them and tell them what you thought of how they behaved?

That’s what “Socialise with Closed Eyes” does. The song is what the band describe as “a letter to a Someone who stopped being a friend”, and the video, well, “what if we took this open letter to this person, but then kidnapped them and read it directly to them?” It could be quite a serious, emotional video, but it’s such a good laugh and you can tell the guys had real fun making it. There’s some cracking facial hair on the go (beautifully timed with the video being published on Youtube the day before Movember commenced – something to aim for, boys?), lots of rough-housing and a pretty epic finale. It’s a great interpretation of how we all wish we could handle our friends sometimes to make them realise how out of order they’re being.

You can get Lower Lands‘ single by joining the I Am Mighty mailing list by clicking here.



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