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“Fancy a Cuppa?”: Love, Life, Loss and Tea – Dave Giles (Album) Review

October 28, 2012


Back in April, we posted this announcement about the debut studio album of independent singer/songwriter Dave Giles, and finally, it’s here! Love, Life, Loss and Tea has been released at last.

Featuring some tracks from his previous EPs done up all fancy as well as some that will never have been heard before, Love, Life, Loss and Tea is Dave at his best. I won’t go into deep analysis of every track otherwise we’d be here all day, so I’ll just pick out my personal highlights. “I Am What I Am” is a brilliant track to kick off with – it’s one of the happiest tunes I’ve heard lately (I do tend to surround myself with pretty angry/ sad music, though…) and even though I’ve only heard the song a couple of times before, I was singing along like a trooper. The video for the song was released today to coincide with the album launch and offers a real little gem that complements the song beautifully, even if it does make me wonder if Dave EVER wears shoes…

“The Girl Who Said Yes” is one of my favourite anti-love-songs at the moment. I’m really glad it’s still acoustic on the album because you can’t really jazz up a song about proposing to a girl and her saying no. The sentiment of this song is so lovely, it really is. We’ve all been through a tough break up or two in our time (admittedly not all ending in a declined proposal) but most people would find it really tough to keep the good times as their memories and hope their ex was happy in their life so all things musical aside, it’s an admirable song just for that.

“The Strongest Man In The World” is my favourite song by Dave Giles, simple as. He mentioned when I saw him play this live that it’s about his grandad. In the lyrics he says how his family really knew how to honour him, but I can’t think of a better way than in music. The addition of trumpet in the studio recording really gives this song the edge and I love it. That’s all.

“Call of Duty” tackles a pretty tough and poignant subject for society these days – I think everyone knows someone who’s been touched by the war in Afghanistan somehow. It’s a hard one to do justice to, but Dave does it.

“It Could Happen To You” is another of my favourite tracks on Love, Life, Loss and Tea. It’s a love song full of hope and has a lovely easygoing vibe that’s almost reggae-ish in places and, if I listen to it with my eyes closed, it reminds me of holidays and summer.

The thing that makes Dave Giles’s music what it is is his lyrics. His “storytelling” style and drawing on his own experience makes his words completely unique – the sentiments his music reflects can’t be found anywhere else. Sometimes these days it’s hard to be able to find the emotion in music, to be able to hear the pain, feel the grief, share the joy, but with Dave Giles’s music it’s all there. We at Artsy follow Dave on Facebook and Twitter and you can see clearly in every status he posts (more or less…) how important his music is to him, and what an accomplishment this album is. There is a huge amount to be proud of in Love, Life, Loss and Tea, and Dave deserves every success with it.

Love, Life, Loss and Tea is available on iTunes and from Dave’s website.

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