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Hollyoaks Later returns to E4

September 15, 2012

That’s right folks – Hollyoaks Later returns for a 2012 spell starting on Monday 17th September on E4. Courtesy of the E4, I got an advance preview of the first of the five hour long episodes and let me tell you, it’s looking to shape up into a something great.

Hollyoaks later is typically more adult than it’s early evening counterpart – some pretty dark themes come up, like extreme violence, drug-taking, sometimes confrontations between characters with some pretty deep rooted psychological issues have come up… it’s still a soap, but with the drama ramped right up. The 2012 series sees popular characters Mitzeee, Brendan, Joel and 6th form boys Bart, Neil and Jonno share the limelight, with Mitzeee just sentenced to seven years in prison after the whole Mercedes and the stabbing thing, Brendan indulging in some typical Brady darkness and the 6th form boys sharing a “lads on tour” trip to Amsterdam. Just another week in Chester, then.
Hollyoaks Later airs on E4 from Monday 17th September at 10pm.

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