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Hold Your Breath For It – Kyoto Drive Release Video for “Breathe”

September 5, 2012

You may remember that a little while ago, we wrote this about I Am Mighty Records signing Kyoto Drive. This week, the band have released the video for ‘Breathe’, from their mini-album “The Approach”.

Described by the band as a “straight forward pop rock anthem”, ‘Breathe’ is a real summer tune and this is backed up by the video, which is SO summery it makes me really resent that it’s almost autumn now! The summeriness lends the song, and the video, an innocence that strikes a wonderful juxtaposition with the lyrics. Adam Binder (vocals/bass) has said this about it:

‘”Breathe”, the song, is basically about sex, lets not skip around that fact. The song is written from the viewpoint of the boy, looking for some kind of sign that the girl is enjoying herself as much as he is. So it’s kind of a love song, kind of not, and no matter what guys say, we’ve all been there, we’ve all waited for that second of recognition from that girl that we REALLY liked. So following on from that we really wanted to do a boy/girl story style video, keep it in theme with the song, plus we’ve done the whole band performance video thing, we wanted to try something new.’

And “new” it is! The idea of the post-it trail turning the song’s lyrics into cryptic clues from the guy leading the girl to him is really sweet (not to mention damned clever) without being gushing and unmasculine and the whole thing stays nicely PG – yeah they hold hands at the end and we all know what they’re going to get up to, but it’s no Fifty Shades – thank God – although I did wish that the girl got to him sooner and that they’d maybe shared a kiss!

I really, really like this song, and the video is a perfect complement to a great tune. There’s a bit of everything – the thrill of the chase, the magic of a summer fling, the excitement of a new relationship and considering the lyrics, melodically there’s definitely a sort of parallel as the song builds up to the climactic key change (which I love in spite of it being a bit cheesy!) and then ending not abruptly, but sort of breathlessly as one does after a particularly powerful high point.

In addition to releasing this video, the Kyoto Drive boys are also off out on the road on not one tour, but two! Supporting Hawthorne Heights, they’ll be touring the UK and Europe through September and October, starting in Brighton on September 19th, and just as that draws to a close embarking on their own European tour through October and into November. They’ll be appearing at all sorts of venues all over the place both in the UK and beyond – check out the posters below for dates and places!















If you want to see/hear more from Kyoto Drive, check them out on Facebook at


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