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Unleash It – The Midnight Beast – Coming (VERY) Soon on E4

July 2, 2012

Recognise these guys? Well, you probably should. They’ve amassed over 46 million views, and growing, on their Youtube channel. Sounding familiar now? That’s right. These guys are The Midnight Beast, London-grown parody band and proud new owners of their very own TV show, which will start airing on our favourite purple themed TV channel E4 this Thursday, 5th July 2012. I know. They’re pretty famous, right? Courtesy of E4, the very same channel as is airing the show, I got a sneaky peak, “E4ers eyes only” style, at the first episode.

Those of you who have been following The Midnight Beast boys on Youtube for a while or caught their ad-break striptease on E4 last Thursday night will probably have a bit of an idea what the show will be about. When I saw this, I was coming into it all completely fresh – I’d heard of these guys but just never got round to looking them up and although I knew it was happening, unfortunately no amount of naked men, or the promise of them, can make me stay up past bedtime on a school night. Sad, but true. One of the many curses of getting old. So when I hit play on the video, I wasn’t all that sure what I was getting into. But I’m glad that I did.

Whether you’re already up to speed with these guys or not, the arrival of The Midnight Beast on TV heralds a real treat. If you aren’t a fan now, you will be after half an hour in their company. As well as having some great, albeit painfully laddish, comedy timing, these guys are actually great musicians. Their lyrics are fantastic and what’s more, it seems as though they have some real musical talent. THEY CAN SING! At first I was thinking I’d coin them as “The British Lonely Island” but frankly, I reckon they’re better than that. They have more talent when it comes to vocals and rival The Lonely Island when it comes to lyrics. Throw in a few A-List guest stars here and there and they’d pretty much wipe the floor with them. There’s something fabulously down to earth about them as well. Some of the songs included in the first episode epitomise this perfectly – I won’t say which ones because I don’t want to ruin it for everyone before it’s aired – but there’s something about them, lyrically, that everyone can relate to. They’re one of the voices of our generation, and their following can only grow now they’ve been rewarded with a proper TV show.

Hilariously, as I’ve been writing this I’ve just watched a trailer for The Midnight Beast air during the adverts of Revenge, E4’s latest Monday night drama offering. I’m guessing that, if the strip-tease ad-break last week wasn’t enough to catch your interest, there’ll be plenty of trailers over the next few days to reel you in ahead of Thursday night. I’m in, are you?

The Midnight Beast airs on E4 from Thursday, 5th July at 10pm.

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