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Dave Giles is at it again!

May 9, 2012

Those of you who read what we here at Artsy post regularly or even just now and then will probably have realised that we have a bit of an interest in the musical stylings of a certain Dave Giles, independant singer/songwriter from London. Today, via Youtube, he shared with the world his latest musical creation, ‘I Am What I Am’, which will feature on his upcoming album “Love, Life, Loss and Tea”, to be released in October. Here it is:

You can tell by the backdrop of computer and curtains that Dave isn’t in the studio here but that only contributes to the impression of sheer talent that I can’t help but get whenever I listen to this brilliant man sing. As I’m writing this, I have the song playing, through Youtube, in the background and if it wasn’t for already knowing, I’d have no idea that this was being performed from what I think is probably his bedroom. Even raw and with the backing vocals coming out of his computer, this song is brilliant. It’s catchy, uplifting and it’s really, really cheered me up at the end of yet another miserably rainy May day. The harmonies with the backing vocals are quite literally music to my ears and give a sort of Imogen Heap-ish folksy aura to the song. The lyrics are contemporary, relevant, wittily put together and not without an amusement factor you can only get from the folksy acoustic type stuff that Dave is becoming famous for. I can’t possibly be the only person who’s heard this so far to sense a bit of innuendo in the lines “Can you imagine the fun you can have with a magic wand and a knowledge of potions”. The only quibble I have is why on earth he’d want to be Ron Weasley when he could be Harry Potter?! I mean, really!


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