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It’s Good to Have Friends – I Am Mighty Records Announce Compilation

April 18, 2012

On April 30th, friends of Artsy I Am Mighty Records will be releasing a 21 track compilation album featuring all the bands on their own roster, including The Ocean’s EyesThe City CallsLower Lands and more, plus many, many of their friends (and I mean bands, not blokes they know from the pub). What makes this release even more special is that, if you sign up to the label’s mailing list (click here to sign up), then you’ll get a digital copy for free. Free! I Am Mighty have said of the release:

“We have always had a passion for shouting about new music and great bands that you should know about, we wanted to bring together some of the best up and coming bands around and give music fans a chance to listen to them for free. We honestly believe that there is something for everyone and that every track on this record is great.”

The label have also produced 10,000 copies of the album that they’ll be handing out free of charge at various events around the country, so be sure to keep an eye out for them over the summer and beyond to see what else they and their bands get up to!

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