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Review: The Ocean’s Eyes

January 30, 2012

The Ocean’s Eyes, a London band made up of Luke McInroy (vocals), Mitch Wright (rhythm guitar), Andy Dutnall (lead guitar), Charlie Robery (bass) and Ben Smith (drums), burst onto the pop-punk seen in May 2010 and since then have risen quite quickly to notoriety. Their first EP, “Lions”, went down pretty well if 3.3 million Facebook likes and 27.6 thousand tweets are anything to go by, and their latest EP, “Lost Along The Way”, which was released on iTunes in October 2011, looks set to do the same. Having already worked on the production of their music with the likes of Ben Humphreys and James Billinge (who have also worked with Enter Shikari, You Me at Six and The Blackout), it is easy to see how this band are destined for greatness.

“I Am Mighty Records”, to whom The Ocean’s Eyes are signed, describe the band’s music as “blending pop-soaked, harmony driven choruses with a raw but technical punk edge”, something which, in my experience, I can say I agree with. Their new release, ‘Room of Red’ (video below) is, lyrically, the story of a man who, having sold his soul to the devil (in exchange for what is never explained), is trying to escape capture but inevitably, as conveyed through the line “This hollow heartache, this solemn breath reigns upon my death”, is caught. It has a sort of Dr Faustusish feel to it, but then again doesn’t anything that involves trying to wriggle out of a bargain made with the devil?

Melodically, their label’s evaluation of them proves accurate. Luke, Mitch and Andy’s voices (led by Luke) harmonise really well together and, although knowing they’re a new band to the scene I can tell, if I happened across them purely by chance I would have no idea that “Room of Red” comes from only their second recorded release.  In the video for the track, which has a sort of simulation live performance impression to it (and, I have to say, an amazing chair…), it is very apparent, through their incredible energy, that the band have an enormous amount of passion and love for what they do that, as they continue to tour more and build up a larger following, is bound to be contagious.

Since The Ocean’s Eyes are soon to set off on a 15 date UK tour with Room 94, their existing and prospective fans won’t have long to wait to catch the bug and get as infected by this band as I have been. Tickets are available online for a very reasonable £10 a piece (with a free wristband and NO booking fees – hurray!) for each of the dates below. If you miss out, you might be missing the next big thing.


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