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“Some Kind of Ordinary” – An Introduction to the Art of Jamila Walker

October 17, 2011

These pieces are from the body of work ‘Some Kind of Ordinary’ which was triggered by my internship at Staffordshire Arts and Museum Service, where I was given the opportunity to engage with social history objects. Most of these objects were from the Victorian era, where symbolism in dress, art and furniture was very significant and telling.

This digital photographic body of work consists of quirky moments, images that raise questions and spark interest. I am often armed with a camera, ready to shoot an engaging scene, object or moment. I am an admirer of details nestled in the ordinary every day aspects of life; “the devil in the detail”, after all.I have often worked within museum settings, and this has resulted in a fascination in social history.

I especially enjoy the symbolism and delicate details found in Victorian furniture, clothing and art work. I produce and am influenced by candid work; beautiful moments that people rarely think of photographing and displaying. I use a minimal photographic kit; I finds the restrictions help to focus on what really excites me in a subject.

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