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Project 52 ’11 17: Pastoral

May 7, 2011

I have noticed that a lot of my poetry (especially the one which I have written recently and for Project 52) has tended to be about nature or have a natural theme or contain some natural imagery. This hasn’t been a conscious decision, I think I might just be better at writing that way; maybe I am better at writing about emotions and difficult subjects when I am able to detach myself from the poem and make it about a strange, free object or concept. I suppose it is easier to channel emotions that way.

Quite a few of the upcoming Projects are going to have nature in them somewhere, and this one is no exception. It’s an accompaniment of sorts to Project 52 ’11 16.

Cold hands,
Back braced, head back;
Overcast skies, black;
I spade the ground,
Shape the land.

A garden, a kingdom,
An allotment, a continent –
Cloying grey clay,
A dun muck
Which slowly smothers, clogs
and coats my wrists and ankles.

I’m tearing out the wild
Unwanted, unpicked weeds
For carefully cultivated pruned and potted plants.

I till the earth until the Earth yields –
I dig the earth
and exorcise my demons,
One by one.

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