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Project 52 ’11 9: As Promised

February 27, 2011

One of the comments which my tutor made about my Creative Writing Portfolio in the final year of university was that “you need to spend some time developing your own voice and your skills with image and metaphor”. I’ve taken her advice on board and have tried to make use of these techniques and I think I have developed as a writer a great deal since 2009. I’d like to think that even she would be impressed with how far I’ve come since then (I got the distinct impression that she was wholly unimpressed with everything I wrote, but she didn’t let this get in the way of awarding me a low score of 58. I probably deserved it, to be honest.) With this in mind, I present to you this week’s effort. I have neglected to name it.


I’ve seen a purpled sky,

Fiery like a quartered blood orange,

Draped carelessly across an evening;

I’ve felt the thunder’s weight,

Heavy like a secret sin,

And heard a distant half-noise

Which disappears when listened for –

A half-heard murmur in Summer;

I’ve smelt the first hiss of storm

Sizzle across the seared earth,

And tasted the freshness of citrus that came

With the thrum of the rain on the roof.

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