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Project 52 ’11 8: An Apology

February 27, 2011

This post is unbelievably late. Before I get into excuses and the like, I will make this pledge: next week’s (tomorrow’s) post WILL be on time. It is already in the production line and there are only a few perfecting touches to be made until it will be ready to be released into the world.

I had hoped that I would get into double figures at least before suffering such a cock-up as this, but circumstances have conspired against me for at least a week. Basically, just before posting my last offering, my computer decided to stop working altogether. Quite alarming since I’d bought it just before Christmas. Eventually we (my dad and I) isolated the problem to the motherboard which we dutifully sent back to the company, who then tested it and sent out a replacement. All this meant that last week’s post had to be done on my lunchtime at work whilst my computer was out of action. When the new board came and was installed, I set about catching up. Late on Wednesday night, when trying to get things done, I got a quite catastrophic virus which meant I stayed up till 01:00 trying to salvage things (one of which may prove to be my future). For a boy whose alarm goes off at 05:45, 01:00 is far too late to go to bed. This virus was so stubborn that Windows has to be reset in order to get rid of it.

All of those computer woes, coupled with a lack of time and added to how crippling my tiredness has been this week gives you my excuse for the lateness of this post. I had big plans too! In the week in which Radiohead’s new album was digitally released, I had hoped to have provided my first review. I’ve been a fan since I was about 14 and was looking forward to the challenge of writing about and indeed listening to a Radiohead album, but not having a computer makes it difficult to download things. Still, I hope to produce that in coming weeks, along with a review of the book I may finish reading soon! I say may purely because I’ve been reading it since Christmas, so there is no guarantee.

Anyway, this is unfortunately another dive into the archive. I didn’t want to rely on my past as heavily as I have done, but I think the circumstances warrant it this week. The pool of presentable material is drying up though, so I will have to be more creative soon, which was after all the brief of this project. It’s a sonnet:


The dapples paint an abstract view of him –

All blotched and patchy, walking down the path

Towards the house, his form becoming dim.

And then I get a sudden, startling shock –

He might not be here long, as Time is wrath

And weary at the ticking of his clock.


I cannot help but stop and wander at

The lack of time I have to cherish with

My dad. It might be years – I hope for that.

But then again who knows how long he’ll live?


I often stop and watch him from afar.

And you might think my longing is bizarre,

It’s just I cannot help myself but feel

That all too soon this longing will be real.


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