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How to Create Bad Music: Enter Shikari – Zzzonked

January 8, 2011

I have never really been a fan of Enter Shikari. After Take to the Skies, which I thought was distinctly average and not really my thing anyway, they went downhill, tumbling head over heels and hitting many bushes that disseminated what little talent they had along the way. Common Dreads, when I first listened to it, was without exception abysmal, and this track is simply horrendous. The vocals resemble a vaguely pubescent boy shouting in a whiny manner lyrics that just don’t make sense. “It’s just distance that separates us / Or are we all really ethno-centrically inclined?” (probably, but who cares?) and “This is a Draconian Law” (is it?) are two particular examples of the incoherent jumble this track is composed of.

The “instrumental”, if you can call it that, completely lacks any sense of rhythmic cohesion. While the opening couple of bars have a very vague sense of beat and tempo, this quickly degenerates into the pure madness of each member of the band hammering away at their respective instrument at random. It sounds like a group of chimpanzees who have been let loose in a recording studio. Controversially, I think it may be that said group of chimpanzees, even deprived of human levels of consciousness as they are (thankyou, evolution), could do a better job of creating a decent instrumental than this band have managed to.

Overall, this is a very poor show from an already dreadful band. Enter Shikari have descended even further into the pit of my favour such that they now sit in the equivalent of probably the… 5th circle of hell (because the inner circles are reserved for N-Dubz, Justin Bieber and Cheryl Cole). I would anything BUT recommend this song. In fact, don’t click the link. Go and rip your ears off instead and then hate me for inflicting such a horror upon you.

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