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Project 52 ’11

January 2, 2011

Since leaving university in 2009, I have got out of the habit of regularly reading and writing. To get me back into the habit of writing and to provide Artsy Does It with needed material, I am proposing a simple project which I have code named 52 ’11. It’s a simple enough venture: I am going to write one thing every week for the next year. It could be anything – a review, a poem, a rant – anything. Most of them will be poems but they will be as varied as possible. Some will be completions of things I am already working on and some will be entirely new. No doubt some will be hurried and last-minute affairs, whilst other will be exquisitely and lovingly crafted. I am also open to requests, so if someone wants a review of the last sandwich I ate or a ruba’iyat on six things Hitler got right (it can be anything, remember) I will endeavour to provide. To try and instil some discipline into the venture and to give me something to aim at each week, I will endeavour to post on a Sunday. Today is a Sunday, so I am considering this my first post. Hopefully, by this time next year I will have 52 unique posts to look back upon, some with shame and some with love. Watch this space.

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